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best bunk beds can add a lot of fun and practicality to a child's' room, especially when you're limited in space.

How to Choose the Best Bunk Beds for Your Kids' Room

Bunk beds can add a lot of fun and practicality to a child's' room, especially when you're limited in space. It doesn't matter if you choose the classic twin-over-full or a loft bed with storage, we have options that meet your budget and space requirements.

Look for features like stairs that extend out, angled ladders, and more, which make the bunks more accessible and safer for older kids. There are also trundles under the bed for sleepovers and storage spaces that double as play spaces.


Size is crucial when you are shopping for bunk beds. Make sure the beds fit in the room with enough space to move up and down. If you're looking to add furniture pieces, such as desks or a dresser, consider their sizes as well. Keep in mind that the bunks at the top and bottom are only able to support some weight in the event that they are used as furniture for adults.

Another important factor is the height of your ceilings. "A good rule of thumb is to make sure that there's at least 5 inches of clearance between the ceiling and the bed's bottom," says Klugh. This will ensure that kids can safely access the upper portion of the bed.

Some bunk beds have ladders, while others have stairs. Fenton states that stairs are more convenient to use, but they take up more space. There are stairs with built-in drawers for storage, which is great when you need to store your toys or bedding. They are more expensive than straight ladders.

Bunk bed materials differ in price as well. The cheaper sets are usually made of medium density fiberboard. The more expensive ones typically feature frames made of metal or wood construction. Wood is beautiful and sturdy however it can warp when it comes into contact with water or pests. Some parents prefer to avoid this material.

The majority of bunk beds listed in this guide can be made in any color you'd like such as white to give a fresh appearance or a dark grey or smoky walnut to go with any bedroom. Sherwin Williams Shyann Twin Over Full Over Queen Bunk Bed offers extra headroom to minimize the risk of bumping heads while reading or relaxing in the bed.

Some of our choices even can be transformed into two separate beds which could be a good option in the event that you plan to sell the bunks once your kids outgrow them or plan on moving at some point in the future. This Woodcrest Kids Low-Profile Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Staircase and Drawers is a durable solution that works with twin-over-twin and full-over-full mattresses. It's also available in a classic, neutral color that is compatible with any interior design palette.


Bunk beds can be fun and exciting, but there are a few safety issues. You should select a bed frame constructed of strong, high-quality wood. It is also important to ensure that the bunk bed is in compliance with all safety standards and includes guardrails on the top sleeper. The guardrails must be a minimum of 5 inches tall and continuous on all sides of the top mattress. You should also check for gaps, openings or holes in the guardrails that are big enough to hold the head or torso, or limbs.

Most bunk bed manufacturers stipulate weight limits for their products. Following these guidelines is vital, as overstepping them could cause the bunk bed to collapse and create the risk of serious injury. Many of these manufacturers also provide age restrictions for the use of their bunk beds generally requiring that children must be at least six years old older to be able to sleep on the upper levels.

Another factor to consider is the kind of ladder that is included with the bunk bed. Some models come with simple staircases made of metal and others come with more elaborate staircases. Staircases are often easier for children to climb but they're not as secure as a solid ladder. It can be difficult for children who are tall or have difficulty climbing up and down.

You should also ensure that the bunk bed is fixed to the floor and wall and isn't close to any windows or other items that children could fall upon while they sleep. You should also inspect the bunk bed regularly for any loose or damaged parts that might need to be repaired. It is a good idea to keep additional bolts and screws nearby in case some are lost or become loose in time.

You should also place the bunk beds in a corner, so that they have walls on both sides. This will prevent your children from falling off the top or side of the bunk bed. It will also make it easier for them to get into and out of the bed.


There are a variety of elegant bunk beds that provide more than a place to sleep. Some include additional storage space, with a built-in desk or even a slide. While it's crucial to consider your child's design preferences before buying a bed It's important to think about how the bunk bed will fit with other furniture in the room and the overall layout of the room.

Some of the best bunk bed designs for children are simple in design. They feature stylish full-size or twin beds that stack together and are accompanied by a ladder. These minimalist styles can be ideal for small spaces or rooms with low ceilings and are an affordable option. These models can be separated into two separate beds if you wish to move them if your children outgrow them.

Others are more attractive, such as adding a bunk bed to your kids' room with a vibrant color or finish that matches furniture in the bedroom. For instance, this triple bunk from Pottery Barn offers an elegant neutral finish that blends well with both vibrant and muted colors. The angular design gives it a modern, clean style. The staircase features open-air shelves to store items that are not visible. The stairs also feature elegant slatted railing, and are strong enough to withstand the weight of an adult, meaning you don't have to fret about your children falling off the top bunk.

If your children are fans of the outdoors, this rustic bunk bed from Max and Lily may be just the ticket. The bunk bed is eco-friendly, as it's made from solid wood that was sourced sustainably and meets responsible forestry practices. The wire brush technique that was employed to create this bunk's unique texture highlights the wood's natural knots and grain, giving the bunk a unique appearance. This bunk bed is ideal for older children as the bottom bunk is able to accommodate a twin-size mattress (sold separately) and the top bunk is designed to hold an entire size mattress.


Bunk beds are an excellent space saver, but certain models come with additional storage that makes them more suitable for families or Airbnb guests. There are trundle beds that include a trundle, which pulls out from underneath the bunk's bottom to sleep an additional child or a couple or even drawers for clothes and other items that can clutter up small spaces. The Ilariana Heavy-Duty Safety Staircase bunk bed, for example, has two drawers underneath the bed, and a bookcase with three shelves that are different sizes. This is a fantastic addition to smaller rooms that have a tiny storage space or shelves.

Another consideration when shopping for bunk beds is whether you'd like ladders or stairs to reach the top of the ladder. Ladders are more traditional, and could be more suited to the decor of a room than stairs. Stairs are more efficient and simpler to climb. They are also multi-functional, with some models sporting hollow stairs that double as storage drawers.

There are also minimalist bunk beds that are simply two sleek twin or full mattresses that are able to be joined. These are ideal for tight rooms or rooms with low ceilings and are generally the least expensive option. A majority of them can be taken apart and set up as two separate beds, which is a great option in the event that you plan on changing the layout of your room or moving homes in the future.

The Walters Twin-Over-Twin Solid Wood Bunk Bed with Trundle is a stylish option that is made of knot-free New Zealand pine wood and includes stylish slatted headboards as well as footboards. It also has an integrated ladder and 14-inch guardrails on the upper bunk.

If you are looking for a modern alternative take a look at the Harper & Bright Designs Solid Pine and Plywood Bunk Bed. The stylish bunk bed is available in a variety of colors and can be divided into two separate beds at a later date. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds on the top bunk and twin or full-size beds can be used.


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