Back to English Version Bringing Home A Ball of Joy | Labrador Retriever Puppies in India

Back to English Version Bringing Home A Ball of Joy | Labrador Retriever Puppies in India


Labrador retrievers, or "Labs" as we all to refer them by their nick name are one of the top breeds in American and even worldwide. Due to their amicable disposition and strong loyalty, they are great as family pets, for any individual or first time dog owner. In case you're anticipating a furry buddy in your life, and also have put your heart at bringing as much as being an Labrador puppies for sale in India to own, subsequently go for that which regional dog locales available all over the nations.

How Can You Find a Reputable Labrador Retriever Breeder?

One of the main factors which can help you with finding healthy well adjusted Labrador puppy is by selecting a professional breeder. Good breeders will not only keep their dogs in a warm and clean environment but also take them to the vet by making them sociable as puppies. I believe that mostly all breeders who the members of Kennel Club India ( KCI), follow some breach code also, which is so good because they are having some dog breeding practices being kept in it,the health and temperament standards.

Ethical Breeding Practices

There are no reputable breeders that will use any Lab used as a breeder for breeding, if the lab is known to have genetic issues of this kind. They undertake health screening of parent dogs in advance breeding to help reduce the risk of inherited conditions been passed on to puppies. These breeders will also feed the puppies well, regularly deworm them and inoculate on schedule and allow ample nursing time before going to their new homes. A good breeder will gladly answer your questions about the health, temperament and lineage of both parents. They'll also ask about how you live, and if the animal is too loving for your living situation.

Choosing Your Perfect Pup

There are only three recognized colors of Labrador retrievers: black, yellow and chocolate. A number of breeders or kennels may limit their breeding program to one color, while others have more than one available. You may factor in your preference as well but make temperament and health the top priority. After you have your search narrowed down to a few breeders in general, try and schedule visits at these places so that you can meet the puppies as well as their parents. This provides you with an opportunity to watch the puppies' interaction between each other as well their surrounding. Even though all puppies are cute and very energetic, do not forget to notice their character. Are you feeling a tug towards an individual pup? So they playful and curious, or are the a bit more shy? Select the puppy with a temperament most conducive to your way of life and residing situation.

Looking Past Breeders: A Conversation on Adoption

Breeding organizations sell Labrador purebred puppies but his adoption process is also a good alternative. Labrador Retrievers of all ages are available for adoption at many different animal shelters/rescue organizations around India. These dogs may be pure bred, or they could simply just have corpses in their bloodlines either way the only thing that changes is your opinion. Adopting a Lab from a shelter is an opportunity for you to give one of these nice dogs, that may otherwise be euthanized thru no fault of their personal. Most shelters vet their animals for health and behavior, some offering basic training or behavioral consults.

Getting Ready for Your New Family Member

Make sure your home is puppy-proofed before bringing your Labrador pupy home. Loan out electrical cords, toxic plants and puppies new things that have now become potential hazards. So considering that a puppy is born, he will need to have the right food for his age and size in addition to this you should also buy him a high-quality dog bed all so some chew toys appropriately tough as well as it would be recommendable if you got your little furry friend with at least one leash And Collar additionally feeders/potentially drinking bowls. Learn some basic puppy training practices like positive reinforcement and housebreaking. Labs are for the most part eager to please, so training should be both a pleasant and rewarding experience.


One of the more popular breeds is a Labrador retriever puppy and while this has its advantages, bring any pup into your life merits some serious consideration. When you pick a decent breeder or adopt one from border collie rescue, the loyal companion will drop to rest on your warm hearth. Care and training will enable your Labrador puppy to become a healthy, well adjusted dog that provides you with many years of happiness.

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